The importance of digitising archival material has been increasingly apparent. The potential for damage or loss of original paper documents as well as storage costs led us to seek Motherlode’s expertise to digitise our extensive and historic archive. 
Waddington Custot

We started out over 20 years ago building digital archives and digital distribution systems for photographic and film archives.  Our skills combine the design and build of custom content management systems, digitising film, print and video and cataloguing media into comprehensive searchable databases.

We have built digital archives and digitised large scale media collections for National Geographic Film and Photography, Robbie Williams, Waddington Custot, Paul McCartney and more.


  • Video encoding and editing
  • Photography film scanning and retouching
  • Content management custom builds, configuration
  • Metadata, taxonomy
  • Licensing and legal
  • Image processing, data entry and archive management

national geographic photography and film

robbie williams archive

waddington custot gallery