Digital Archiving


The importance of digitising archival material has been increasingly apparent. The potential for damage or loss of original paper documents as well as storage costs led us to seek Motherlode’s expertise to digitise our extensive and historic archive. The Motherlode team set up their scanning equipment at our premises so there was no need for us to purchase the hardware or move any documents. The Motherlode team was a pleasure to work with, communicating effectively with us on all aspects of the project and understanding our requirements. The project came in on budget and to deadline. We would recommend their services.
Waddington Custot

We started out over 20 years ago building digital archives and digital distribution systems for photographic and film archives.

Our skills combine the design and build of custom content management systems, digitising film, print and video and cataloguing media into comprehensive searchable databases.

Since 1995 we have transcoded very large volumes of media for our clients:

  • Custom built Media Content Management Systems built for National Geographic and The Beatles
  • 50,000 images of merchandise for the Universal ecommerce stores processed and logged
  • 200,000 pieces of content for the HMV Get Closer project – film trailers, images, text files
  • 3,000 full length films transcoded and edited to preview clips for National Geographic
  • 100,000 images processed for Robbie Williams archive
  • Historical documents for Waddington Custot Galleries LTD
  • The Beatles archive
  • Paul McCartney ArchiveHMV media archive project
  • Digitising strategy for London Review of Books

If you have a media collection that needs digitising, cataloguing or managing in a Digital Asset Management system please get in touch with